Saison 2022

Allègement des mesures sanitaires

De nouvelles mesures d’allègement sont entrées en vigueur le lundi 14 mars 2022. Elles concernent le « pass vaccinal » et le port du masque.

Le port du masque n’est donc plus obligatoire dans les établissements recevant du public, à l’exception de l’ensemble des transports en intérieur et dans les lieux de santé ou de soins (notamment les hôpitaux, les pharmacies, ou encore les laboratoires de biologie médicale) dans lesquels il reste exigé pour les soignants, les patients et les visiteurs.

Pass Sanitaire ?

Nous ne sommes pas concernés

Concernant l'accueil de nos clients à partir du 21 juillet 2021 : décision gouvernementale du décret d'application n°2021-955 du 19 juillet 2021.

Les campings qui ne propose que de l'hébergement sans ERP  visé par les textes (piscine, bar, restaurant, salle de spectacle) ne sont soumis à aucune obligation de contrôle de leurs clients.

Conditions of reception season 2021

In compliance with health protocols for the control of Covid19

Dear Campers,

Under the authority of Order-in-Council of December 14, 2020, as amended on February 12, 2021, in accordance with french government announcements and following the measures put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19, the campsite will open its door on April 1st. Our priority is to ensure you a successfuk holiday in the best conditions. Therefore, in order to guarantee the safety of everone, we will welcome you again this year in sanitatry conditions closes to 2020, which we ask you to read carefully before your arrival. Your requests ans requirements will be handled within the limits of sanitary contraints and limited to the strict necessary.

Coming to stay in Port Sable this season means accepting these conditions.
Otherwise, we ask you to cancel your reservation, or your intentions to visit the site.

At each stage of your stay a new environment, and a little adaptation will allow you to spend an excellent holiday.

First of all, the reservation is strongly recommended for this season again.

Reservation will be made on our website, by e-mail or phone.

Stage 1: At the finish - Reception: a few instructions to follow

Only one person will be allowed to enter the reception area.
A one-way traffic flow will be indicated to avoid crossing each other.
Respect arrival times and avoid peak hours in order to stagger the presence of campers in front of the reception desk.

Stage 2: The stay
he number of people per site will be limited Visitors, after having been authorised, may be admitted to the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who receive them, and after being registered (contact details, ages and registration if necessary). Visitors will have to pay the fee provided for in the fee schedule. Visitors' cars are not allowed in the campsite.
The communal areas outside the sanitary facilities will be closed
No animation activities will be offered to children. 
Competitions and other games will not be organized
Groups should be limited to 10 people
Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the sanitary facilities
Respect the specific signage elements (markings on the ground, walls, seats, etc.), or even material separation, to ensure that safety distances are maintained between campers, including in queues likely to form inside or outside.
Ancillary services will be maintained (bicycle hire, sale of boat tickets, picnic baskets).
The lending of board games, racquet games and books will be suspended.

  Stage 3 : The departure 
Place the badge(s) in the drop-off area provided for this purpose. 
Settle all the departure conditions (at the latest the day before) with the reception by phone by e-mail or SMS
Promote your payment by contactless payment or credit card
Your invoice, if you wish to keep it, will be sent by e-mail (or by post if e-mail is not possible).

Let's respect and protect each other!